Facebook Live: Dropstore Dropshipping Masterclass

Facebook Live: Dropstore Dropshipping Masterclass

Join Dropstore for a 2 Hour Facebook Room Live and Q&A chat about:

  • How to optimise your products.
  • Where to sell your products.
  • How to know where to market.
  • Channels that allow you to sell on multiple platforms.
  • How to choose products that sell.
  • How to return an item to suppliers.
  • How to setup shipping correctly for multiple products from multiple suppliers in one order.
  • How to use cutting edge customer journeys CRM.
  • What are the best CRMs to use? Pros and Cons.
  • How to create raving fans and maximise lifetime customer value.

This Facebook live will be held in a room within the Droshipping for South African Entrepreneurs Group on Facebook, in a very interactive setting, where the audience can engage with the panel of Four Experts in Online Sales, Online Marketing, Dropshipping, and Dropstore Expert.

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