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Find a Niche Product For Your Drop Shipping Store

Every drop shipping store owner is eager to place only the best products on their website, and we are not an exception. So, get ready: we are about to share our experience in how to find a niche product that would mesmerize your customers and fatten your profits!

As you know, we source items and suppliers from South African suppliers. So when it comes to choosing a suitable product, it can be challenging due to the limited amount of information available to South African drop shippers.

This is why we actively use additional sources of information. Even though we don’t import any items from these alternative sources, we look at them really carefully to understand how we can enhance our product strategy that is tailored for a South African Dropshipper.

Here is the list of the ways we use to find highly popular niche products that see a huge demand.

1. Finding Niche Products on Bidorbuy: exploring the hottest products

Bidorbuy is a great place to see and to monitor top goods. Just go to their “What Hot?” page.

  • Then sort by “HOT SELLING” and then you can filter down to the category you are interested in to find top goods within that category.
  • For this example, we will use smartwatches. And focus on “Smart Watches for Kids
  • Once you have identified the product you want to sell, then go to dropstore and search for the product.

2. Use Takealot to Find Niche Products to Dropship: by figuring out the best selling products.

Actually, Takealot website is a great place to monitor top goods. Just enter a keyword into search box and filter the results. Then filter by bestselling.

Voila! You are shown the best-selling niche products on Takelot for your search! It’s really worth analysing popular items representation and placing similar products in your store.

Using these websites to look for the most popular products, we achieve many goals:

  • We always stay updated about the preferences of our potential buyers
  • We study the newest trends and learn more about new products to dropship appearing in this niche
  • We create just the perfect store where every customer can find something to their liking
  • We gather data about the top-selling items so that we can make good-looking and informative product pages

As the result, we increase the loyalty of our customers, and this, in turn, helps us boost the revenues. Not bad, right?

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