Dropshipping in South Africa - what is the current state

Dropshipping in South Africa has been developing consistently and steadily over the past year. This is because it is a risk-free endeavour that requires no additional costs for holding inventory and shipping products. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business through marketing, business development, and relationship building. With Dropstore most processes are automated so you don’t spend your time on things like order processing and product imports.

Reasons not to Dropship from China

While most drop shippers in South Africa are drop shipping from China due to the lack of local dropshipping suppliers. The problem South African drop shippers face with drop shipping from China are issues such as long waiting times and packages getting lost. This is as a result of the South African Post Office's long bad track record for last mile delivery of international parcels. On top of that, there are also surprises when it comes to taxes which often leads to bad customer experience and loss of future business.

Reasons to Dropship from South Africa through Dropstore

Local suppliers can generally ship faster and more affordable than international ones and they are generally easier to work with in terms of pricing, stock, etc.  There will also be fewer surprises when it comes to taxes, logistics, payment and business etiquette with a local supplier.

With Dropstore you have a choice of hundreds of suppliers, with thousands of products so you can keep risk low by adding or removing products from your website if something isn’t performing well without any financial costs.

Solving all the problems faced by the drop shipping companies in South Africa, Dropstore is the preferred drop shipping platform in South Africa. Thus with a number of facilities which make it easy for sellers to start their dropship business, Dropstore is one of the most widely accepted and trusted dropshipping platforms and can even be used very easily to dropship in South Africa.

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